Night Without End Alistair MacLean


Published: 1982


224 pages


Night Without End  by  Alistair MacLean

Night Without End by Alistair MacLean
1982 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 224 pages | ISBN: | 3.19 Mb

When I was a lad, I very much liked Alistair MacLean novels. I was delighted to learn that they are now available on Nook. It is great to read some of his lesser known works, as opposed to “Where Eagles Dare”, “Ice Station Zebra” and “The Guns of Navarone”. My first re-introduction was “Night Without End”.The story concerns the crashing of a commercial airliner in the middle of the Greenland tundra and the attempts of the personnel of a meteorological weather station to save them.

As with most MacLean novels very little is as it seems. The crash is far from accidental and some of the passengers seem to have secrets. Agains, as with most MacLean novels, not all of the secrets deal with the plot, but it makes finding the truth that much murkier. It seems only the people without secrets are the three men at the weather station.Unlike most MacLane novels the hero is not some super English, or American, spy- nor is he some highly trained special operations type warrior.

He is just an MD working as a scientist at the top of the world. He is able to use his knowledge of the environment as a weapon against the spies in his group.The novel is both engaging and entertaining. As the story takes place in brutal nearly unimaginable cold, it may not be altogether a bad beach book.

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